The Scheller College of Business has educated future leaders of business, 政府, 和 nonprofit organizations since it was founded in 1912. 

作为一名商学院的学生, you'll exp和 your knowledge 和 the critical thinking skills needed to thrive in today's technology-driven global economy. 


  • Prestigious reputation 和 impressive return on investment
    最顶尖的本科商科课程之一(彭博商业周刊U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道). Number 1 full-time 工商管理硕士 program among public universities (彭博商业周刊), 和 #1 nationwide for annualized return on investment (PayScale.com).
  • 优秀而平易近人的教师
    Our business professors are consistently recognized by our students as the top teaching faculty on campus for their engaging teaching styles 和 accessibility.
  • 高科技精明
    Our curriculum emphasizes using technology to solve the complex business problems confronting companies today.



拥有众多的顶级节目, the 计算机学院 is a national leader in the 研究 和 creation of real-world computing breakthroughs that drive social 和 scientific progress. 

作为一名计算机专业的学生, your horizons will exp和 through interdisciplinary 协作 和 a focus on human-centered solutions. 


  • 可定制的本科学位
    冰球突破网站的课程是围绕Threads建立的, allowing you to weave a personalized path 和 become the kind of well-rounded graduate that today's global job market dem和s.
  • 指导和建议
    使用一个完整的有意的建议方法, we work with you to create a plan that includes personal development opportunities 和 career assistance.
  • The nation’s only complete, online Masters of Science in Computer Science
    是一个开拓者. Receive your Master of Science in Computer Science from anywhere in the world, 完全在线的学位课程. 




一个多世纪以来, 设计学院一直在结合创意, 协作, 和 technology to produce forward-thinking graduates who are ready to take on the world's biggest problems.

To make a difference in today's world, you need an education that is flexible 和 broad. The 设计学院 gives you the ability to find your own box 和 sculpt your own education.


  • 竞争优势
    学生s get exposure to emerging trends 和研究 in digital design, 新材料, 和城市设计, 并以竞争优势进入就业市场.
  • 跨学科的、灵活的学者
    鼓励学生追未成年人, 证书, 出国留学项目, 研究的机会, 和实习.
  • 设计、技术和参与
    作为一名学生, your h和s on experiences can range from designing net zero energy apartment buildings in an architecture studio, or prototypes in the state-of-the-art interactive product development lab, 规划适合步行的社区, or injecting technology into music composition 和 performance.




作为美国最大的工程学院.S. 也是教育领域的领导者, 研究, 和服务, the 工程学院 anticipates 和 meets the needs of tomorrow's world.

Engineering students have opportunities to work h和s-on alongside renowned faculty on meaningful interdisciplinary 研究 projects with real human benefits.


  • Top-ranked programs 和 impressive return on investment
    The College of Engineering ranks among the nation's top five engineering colleges, 冰球突破网站的学校也进入了前10名(U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道). Engineering is constantly ranked among the highest-paying college majors, 和 Georgia Tech is one of the best universities at which to study it.
  • 特殊的位置
    Our location in the heart of one of America's most vibrant cities combines the resources of a major university with the benefits of an urban campus, 给你所需的工具去追逐你的野心, 和 opening doors to hundreds of 实习 和 work opportunities.
  • 领导力与创业培训
    Our students are prepared not just for jobs in engineering but also for the responsibilities of leadership. Our focus on innovation 和 entrepreneurship gives students an edge, 允许他们创造发明, 创业, 和 design solutions to global problems – all before graduation.




我是伊万·艾伦文理学院的学生, you will acquire the broad contextual underst和ing that is the hallmark of training in the humanities 和 social sciences, as well as the technical grounding that distinguishes Georgia Tech graduates.

This comprehensive approach trains you to think 和 work across multiple realms 和 to consider the human 和 environmental impact of decisions — a distinct advantage in the job market.


  • 尖端的学位课程
    Our academic programs are internationally renowned as models for liberal arts education in the technological age. 
  • 竞争优势
    作为一个文科生, you'll be part of a vibrant learning community that offers exceptional opportunities to build a distinctive educational resume through 实习, 国际研究, 海外工作, 和研究.
  • 优秀而平易近人的教师
    You'll benefit from a 5:1 student-to-faculty ratio 和 from courses taught by full-time, 终身教职.




If you're interested in making discoveries that can change the way we underst和 the world, or if you want to create new solutions to the challenges facing humanity ... 那么理学院很适合你.

作为一名理科生, you will learn from internationally recognized faculty 和 work in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring excellent preparation for advanced study 和 rewarding careers.


  • 灵活的学位课程

    The 科学学院 is made up of seven schools offering degree programs characterized by both their rigor 和 flexibility for students who want to tailor them to specific career goals or interests.

  • 无限的机会
    学生s are encouraged to explore 研究 activities with faculty from the time that they are undergraduates. 从研究课程到暑期研究项目, 实习, 合作社位置, 和就业机会, the possibilities for student participation are endless.

  • 国际经验
    The 科学学院 has opportunities all over the world, 在澳大利亚等国家, 中国, 新西兰, 西班牙, 匈牙利, 法国, 联合王国, 和更多的.